Gray Loft Gallery ~ Los Vecinos Opening

photos by Styrous® and Jan Watten where noted

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Susan Moyski (left), Jan Watten (right)

Chris Johnson (left), Lashaune Fitch (middle), 
Mark Harris (right)

Josh Greenburg

Lianne Donovan (left), Marlena Peña (right)
photo by Jan Watten

Susan & Josh Greenbuerg (left), Lianne Donovan (right)

left: Tom White                                      right: Lianne Donovan
& Mie Preckler                                                   & Tom White

Theo (far left), Barbara Cushman (middle left), 
Tracey Snelling (middle right), Jan Watten (right)

 Susan & Josh Greenbuerg (left), Ruth Boerefijn (right)

Tom White (left), Mie Preckler (middle),
Jacques Quisquater (right)

Tom White (left), Ruth Boerefijn (right)
photo by Jan Watten

  Leslie Frierman Grunditz (left),                                    Mariah Carle
& Ruth Boerefijn (right)                                                              .

Tom White (left), Tony Rugege (left)

Cynthia Elliott (left), Mariah Carle (right)

photos by Styrous® and Jan Watten where noted

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